Sunday, February 27, 2011

let this not be the ending

so tonight will be my last night everrrr in south korea where i bought all the things that i have ever dreamed of, in daejeon where i learned a heaping amount of korean language, and in this room where i resided for the last six months. i love you korea, i do and would love to return here again someday. just not in the near future XD

and now for some random shots of food i ate during my last days here. i will miss them a lot, but i will have a lot of spicy and sour malaysian food to make up for it.

and with this, i shall pull the veil on my extremely fun and lazy days in south korea. i will miss you so so much and i will never be able to return to the same environment ever again but the memories will always stay with me and be cherished.

you guys should totally try it if you haven't already.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everland; where couple cows roam freely

so as some of you may now, i'll be leaving this orsum country in less than two days. and seeing as i still have millions of pictures in my folders unposted, i decided to rush everything and get it done while i'm still in south korea.

so, somewhere in december 2010, i went to the (i think) largest theme park in korea; everland. now, less type, more pictures.

the coaster ride in the background is apparently the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. or something like that. didn't get the chance to ride on it though. iz bitter.

i spy with my eyes a sexy giraffe butt.

a very rare breed of giraffes that feeds on branches instead of leaves.

to anyone planning on going to everland, i advice you to avoid this place at all cost. unless you appreciate lameness, you can totally skip going to the mystery mansion.

kidssssssssss. albeit not young enough *cough*

south korea and scribbling on public walls goes hand in hand.

the ugly muscle jackets in 'matching' bright colors. i have no idea what this couple was thinking.

this is a recommended thriller ride. the best i've ever had.

a ceiling lamp. how very impressive.

the usual ride found in any theme parks in any countries all over the world.

this ride was too crazy for my tastes.

too crazy.

i am not a coward.

i shall end this somewhat boring post with a shweet pair of lovers in a couple cow costumes. d'awww.