Monday, October 4, 2010

korean barbeque FTW!

a dinner party at a korean barbeque restaurant somewhere in daejeon downtown in celebration to a classmate's birthday. good food good food and good food. it was a very fulfilling night for me really. cow meat is really the best. especially the juicy ones oh yeah.

 you put some of this on top of a leaf (picture below) with a piece of grilled meat dipped in some sauce. or smtg like that. but i didnt put this in my wrapped meat. i didnt like it.

 the leaves with which you use to wrap the meat.

*sizzle sizzle*

oh yeah~

more meat waiting to be grilled :D

lookathat really, aren't they just begging you to eat em raw? R4WR~

you know how the japanese eat raw fish (sashimi)? yeah apparently koreans even eat raw meat. sashimeat.

some green slippery noodle in wasabi sauce. i was brain-attacked when i ate this without knowing it was wasabi. but it was good.

jelly-like dish topped with shreds of seaweed.

this soup is good. tasted like the ones mom makes at home. imy mommy ):

kyaaa my fav! kimchi pancakes or yeah. forgot the korean name but it is extremely delicious for me. the first time i ate this was at yoni's and danbee's house in penang. the korean girls (yoni danbee and seojung) cooked some korean dish for us and they made this. they made it flatter but i think their's are slightly more delicious. btw, this taste like cucur udang for the malaysians who are wondering.

 this is s'posed to be a part of a crab in chilli sauce but i didnt eat it. too much work. beef please!

my favourite korean soup. taste somewhat like tomyam. somewhat, but not entirely the same. any spicy is good. this is spicy so its good.

lol wrong!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my first seoulscapade

this is also another lame entry but yeah, centered more on my trip to seoul.

welcome to myongdong, seoul. shopping district for branded clothes and whatnot. hmmm, i would much prefer to go to cheap unbranded stores to be honest teehee.

i wonder, do we have outback restaurant in malaysia? the food is fucking gorgeous. and by that i mean they were really really good. the starter bread is the prime example for that statement. served hot and soft with cream cheese dip yum.

after almost a month of drinking koren soup made by the school's cafeteria, this delectable mushroom soup is a much much needed break for my tastebuds.

some clam pasta. very spicy, very very my cup of tea.

see the rice? OMG THE RICE! i love it! so damn much!

my beloved 280g beef, medium cooked.

even in an australian restaurant, never ever forget the korean pickles.

free drinks. korean restaurants are awesome like that. they are both mine btw.

the green futon on which i slept in. deep slumber yo.

hoyeah. you put some of them veggies in the colored thingies and wrap em. that's how you eat it.

steamed red beans rice. 

on the left is steamed battered white egg and on the right is my favorite korean soup. tasted like miso soup but spicier. there were actually a LOT more dishes than just these but i didnt snap em all.

the korean restaurant where jin's lovely family treated me to a beautiful lunch. they practically saved me from the bad misconception of korean food caused by the cafeteria ahjumma's cookings.

a really really cute house near the restaurant.

one of the subway stations.

near korean palace.

welcome to the korean palace~
inside the palace museum.

really really cool car.

yes, i fell in love with them. so funny and animated. doing free shows to attract customers into buying their snacks :D

insa-dong, souvenir haven

little india cafe sesat haha

ahjusshi in traditional costume

ahjumma in traditional costume

in front of the palace, an army of men were seen in their handsome and macho uniforms.

ho yeah~

too lazy to explain. 

i am so sleepy. its 4 in the morning!

i have a fetish for taking shots of unique doors

a REALLY AWESOME building in insa-dong. to foreigners who appreciate art (heck, even for those who don't) i recommend you to go here.

a really really cute snacks booth.

a security office, can you believe? so kyuteee

korean style food stalls.

a teeny weeny coffee shop haha

the building is designed so you never have to climb stairs to get to the next floor.

at a cheap restaurant in the express bus terminal subway

tuna kimbab, cheap.

the two side dishes you will get anywhere for any food you order. really, koreans and kimchi is like malaysian with sambal belacan. but worse. at least we dont eat sambal belacan with maggi.

my favorite, rabbokki

it's the two cute boys again. feel like such a stalker taking their picture again the next day after the night that i first saw them. too cute~

long long post. for the record, i ddnt tour the entire palace. the palace compound is so big you can spend one whole day in it and won't get to cover even half of the full palace. too freaking big.