Monday, October 4, 2010

korean barbeque FTW!

a dinner party at a korean barbeque restaurant somewhere in daejeon downtown in celebration to a classmate's birthday. good food good food and good food. it was a very fulfilling night for me really. cow meat is really the best. especially the juicy ones oh yeah.

 you put some of this on top of a leaf (picture below) with a piece of grilled meat dipped in some sauce. or smtg like that. but i didnt put this in my wrapped meat. i didnt like it.

 the leaves with which you use to wrap the meat.

*sizzle sizzle*

oh yeah~

more meat waiting to be grilled :D

lookathat really, aren't they just begging you to eat em raw? R4WR~

you know how the japanese eat raw fish (sashimi)? yeah apparently koreans even eat raw meat. sashimeat.

some green slippery noodle in wasabi sauce. i was brain-attacked when i ate this without knowing it was wasabi. but it was good.

jelly-like dish topped with shreds of seaweed.

this soup is good. tasted like the ones mom makes at home. imy mommy ):

kyaaa my fav! kimchi pancakes or yeah. forgot the korean name but it is extremely delicious for me. the first time i ate this was at yoni's and danbee's house in penang. the korean girls (yoni danbee and seojung) cooked some korean dish for us and they made this. they made it flatter but i think their's are slightly more delicious. btw, this taste like cucur udang for the malaysians who are wondering.

 this is s'posed to be a part of a crab in chilli sauce but i didnt eat it. too much work. beef please!

my favourite korean soup. taste somewhat like tomyam. somewhat, but not entirely the same. any spicy is good. this is spicy so its good.

lol wrong!


  1. Seeing all this photos makes me hungry for more!

  2. uhh. rase nk pg seoul garden lg. tp org ckp da xhalal :(( sedey.

  3. ala sedihnyaaaa, seoul garden kat ou not bad sedap ayam2 dia

  4. Please update your blog often! i really like to see the view of Korea!!