Sunday, September 5, 2010

the birth

ok so like, i've only been here for two days and there's really nothing much to report yet so i'll let the pictures do the talking. it's not much but yeah.

shrimp burger eaten on bus on the way from incheon to daejeon. super yummy.

lunch provided. rice, kimchi, some kind of seaweed dish, fried eggs and soup.

the greens in campus. oh so soothing.

boys dormitory

girls dormitory

refer to picture above.

facilities in girls dormitory Level G

outside laundry room

laundry room. 500Won per wash.

international students dormitory where i live. count the 4th balcony, thats my room.

my room taken from an angle. that is not my bed btw. mine is where i took the picture from.

toilet near entrance of the room. pretty cozy if you ask me.

there's my side of the room. bed next to the wall. behind the clothe suspension is balcony.

i will take more detailed pictures of my room later. cos i took a video of the room but for some reason it couldnt be uploaded onto blogger so...


  1. omg!! your are going to have such an awesome time!!!

  2. Ten, bersih giler!!!mesti selesa kan??good to see u settle down kat sana!!!qila mesti paling rajin bc tapi paling malas komen..hahah kimchi sedap ka??

  3. sara, jgn laaa.

    lol miss juliette, i sure will!

    miss anon ni qyla ka? kimchi dia sedap, penaik rasa la sbb lauk lain smua kering dan tak menarik.

  4. yer ten..qyla..malas nak log in..hahaha ok lah tekak ten leh terima..hihi asyik gmbr permndangan jer..gmbr ten mana??haha

  5. tgh gemuk ni takmau tgkap gambar hehe. dah kurus baru tangkap yaa

  6. wahh cantiknye hostel anda.. suka!