Sunday, September 5, 2010

first trip downtown

so today i went downtown accompanied by a good malaysian friend to buy stuff for my room. you know girls, well at least for me, cant live peacefully without all the basic necessities such as, umm hangers... and stuff... yeah.

i didnt take alot of pictures because it was extremely hot this afternoon and most of my attention was focused on wiping sweat off my face so i kinda got distracted... uh huh.

innisfree face shop. can you spot yoona? hehe

i want to go here someday. nolaeban(sp)? karaoke people!

a cafe i will surely go to after fasting month is ovah. daww isnt that sho kyoot?

can you tell me the name of any rivers in malaysia that is as clear as the river in this picture? good luck trying.


  1. omo! u r there ten, the place in my dream :)

  2. where r u dear?! omg sronokye.bile u balik ni? mcm syok je kl u cite kt i depan mata.hahaha

  3. ehehe sara, i will be in your dreams now :D

    millie, i dkat daejeon, south korea. its an exchange programme. will stay her for 6 months learning korean. :DD

  4. ten! omg best yeee!!! nnt u balik we meet up? i want to hear all about it!

  5. lolz sure sure! tp kena make sure time tu u pun dkt msia la hehe.

  6. haha yes sure! ill fb u nnt! please update often! i really love ur travel blog! study hard!