Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the road to and from class

my point of view of when i go to and come back from class around the dormitories area.

first stairs, still full of energy.

after successfully climbing those stairs. then if you can see, there is another set of stairs ahead which is still okay until...

the final set of is so ridiculously high you can't even see the end of it. but it's good for toning my calves and thighs so it's okay.

hallway of classrooms in building 6.

the stairs next to my classroom. classroom is in basement (underground) btw.

still using blackboard. iz cool.

better view of blackboard.

on the way back. that orange building is the girls dormitory that i showed you in the first post "the birth". only thing is i was wrong, it was actually a co-ed dormitory and the boys live on the lower levels while the girls on upper levels. you can say that from my room, i can see what the boys are doing in theirs. lol.

this was the same first stairs from the first picture above.

go through a tunnel.

inside said tunnel.

end of tunnel. from here you can see the main entrance to my dorm. right hand side is the student lounge i showed you in my entry "campus picture spam".

sideway view of the entrance. now if you see straight ahead, you can see a white gate.from there you can go outside the campus and catch a bus to go downtown.

the student lounge right opposite my dorm.

more to the left of student lounge. those are great benches, good for when you have to wait for your friends or smtg.

yeah, that is all for now! eidil fitri is drawing near and i'm still thinking if i should go down to seoul this weekend or not because of some money and time issues. but if anything you will know when i post more pictures. 

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