Monday, September 6, 2010

campus picture spam!

Warning: picture heavy.

had a quick campus tour today and wow, lajdkkljaksdk AMAJJING campus! picture time! sorry for the poorly taken shots. it was a tour so i had to take pictures while walking.

this is the student lounge right next to the international students dormitory, where we gathered before the tour.

drinks vending machine in student lounge.

the Jisan Memorial Library where we were briefed about our study program.

another entrance to the library but is under construction.

this shot is blur, sorry. library lounge.

movie section of library. very cool.

more videos to choose from.

students enjoying watching movies in library.

inside library level 1.

somewhere inside campus. i just randomly snapped photos to kinda, capture the ambiance or smtg.

benches along the walkway. you can kinda see the track field from here.

even the gutter is pretty. that is rain water btw.

more random shots.

students in between classes.


USM is not the only campus in a garden.

i'm guessing this is the student union lounge area. see that long queue? yeah, that is the bookstore.

the science faculty i think? 

walkway is very long and very green.

this is like the club activites center or something where real men gather. lol jk.

sky is kinda gloomy today because it was raining and all. perfect weather for touring. but it was still hot.

walkway in front of the culture center. they have concerts here sometimes. i mean not here here but in the center.

another angle taken from the culture center.

see the left upper side of the picture? the international office is somewhere in there.

same building as picture above but taken from the other side.

when i first arrived i thought the campus was small. but hell was i wrong! this is one big ass campus yeah. still so many places yet to be explored. 

until next time!


  1. I should have taken more photographs than I did!
    Anyway, great photo tour of the campus ;)

  2. ahh pshh, you can take more photos tomorrow! lols, i see you finally managed to publish a comment :p thanks!

  3. besar okeeee. sangat best! and and, library bleh tgk cte korea!!!! wey! kalah semua library dlm dunia ni hahhaha. aphal bookstore line pnjg, sume gila buku apa?

  4. baru mula semester kat sini, sbb tu line pjg.