Monday, September 13, 2010

a very long weekend part 1

i was out the whole time on 1st, 2nd and 3rd raya so i didnt have enough time to spend on the computer and update this blog. so i will probably post the pictures in two separate posts because really, there were too many pictures...maybe.

on the first day of raya i did not take much picture. i couldnt remember why but yeah. the second day, saturday, me and my lovely girlfriends went to this cultural festival or something only, it wasnt really much of a festival. but still, we got to take a lot of good pictures. i mean they did, i didnt take good shots so...

toilet building.

lotus tea.

a mock study ceremony...i didnt really understand but yeah something like that.

isn't he so precious?

one of the korean traditional games.

batu seremban, korean version. 

crafts section.

ahjumma cutting mochi (rice cakes)

more ahjumma. lolz

sorry i was too lazy to write descriptions for every picture. there was nothing to explain really so yeah. 

lolz, this was quite an experience. sitting in the rain on a plastic chair wearing a flimsy plastic raincoat while watching people sing on the far far was very enjoyable though.

blur, but you get the picture (pun intended)

rain finally stopped which was a relief.

a guest appearance from me for the first time :D it was a fun night

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  1. This is gonna be a really great memory!!!!