Monday, September 13, 2010

a very long weekend part 2

a continuation of the previous post because really, a post too long is a boring post. so more pictures of my sunday adventure.

starting off the picture spam with a random picture of a mother with her two cute kids walking merrily.

and another random picture of a neighbourhood near the festival area.

yeah this.

looked like something straight out of a movie. at least it was for me at that time.

moving on to the market street near the daejeon station, full of ahjumma and abeoji.

i had no idea what that is. looked like dried maggots to me... btw, green fingernails FTW!

street snap; harabeoji (grandpa?) style!

different types of mochi.

street snap; halmeoni (grandma) style!

bought these at the subway station. cost 3000won, duck shaped kaya ball.

we're back in downtown.

the not so clean (read: very dirty) street. it's like this every where in downtown.

this is a beauty shop. seems like all the beauty shops have very cute entrances.

but etude house is the best and will always be. even the sales girls are super pretty.

a very chic cafe with an extremely cute concept.

cafe interior.

they have a studio in here which you can pay to use. very very cool (for a lack of a better word)

cute cute custom made thingies makes me swoon <3

night in downtown.

on top of baskin robbins, there was a very very girlish cafe, Ann House. i would go in someday and take pictures of the interior. oh so many cafes to explore...

closeup shot of said cafe just to prove my point.

such a greedy cafe, dont you think?

more random shopfronts.

an extravagant chinese restaurant

i didnt know why i took a picture of this shopfront. it wasnt even cute.

thank you for reading ^^


  1. some how,suddenly, freaking jealous u have the chance to go there and experience new culture :)