Sunday, October 3, 2010

chuseok special

been a long time hasn't it? sorry for neglecting to update this blog for so long but in my defense, i was really really busy. with shopping and studying for exams and preparing for a food festival and whatnot, i barely had time to even sleep. so many things had happened so i'm gonna divide 'em into parts as usual.

in this post i will share with you some photos taken during a hiking at a hill near my university. not many good shots though were taken though. was too busy climbing the stairs and finding our way to the finish line to bother.

first checkpoint. believe me it was such a pain in the arse for me to get this far.

you can view the city of daejeon from here.


second checkpoint. we took the longest time to get here (me nelida and sena) because we got separated from the rest of the group and had to find our way by asking the nearest willing ahjusshi (old men) we could find.

by the time we arrived at the final destination the rest of the group had long before finished eating lunch and resting and were on the field playing some skinship-oriented games intended to get them to know each other more or smtg. 

and by skinship, i do mean very much so. look at that. no thank you~

and yeah that's all folks.


  1. the last pic is interesting..hahaha

  2. te...qyla again....hahaha post la pasal brg2 ten shoping..nak tgk....hihi