Monday, December 13, 2010

Rice Festival and some (read: a lot) creepy stalker photos

LOL what the fuvk (no that wasn't a typing mistake)! this blog hadn't been updated for 93840928402years. sorry, as expected, i was being lazy again. so since i'm going to japan next monday and will most probably upload some pictures here, i decided to upload my never-before-seen pictures of korea first.

so up first is, photos from a rice festival i went to in some place on some day.

lo and behold; the toilet.

yes my cover had been blown. this observant kid seemed to have noticed my snapping up stalker pictures of them.

kidsssssssss mmmm...

bunch of kids playing good music.

kids playing in the rice field hmmmm...

this picture is not disturbing at all. nuh-uh, not at all...

process of drying chilli. nothing new

and at last, a picture that actually relates to the objective of the festival.



  1. This hobby of yours of taking photos of kids is can I say it...healthy, yeah...very healthy and normal xDDD