Sunday, September 5, 2010

the view

i slept in today because it was raining the whole day so there will be no outside pictures and instead, i will share with you pictures of my lovely balcony from different angles because boredom makes you do boring stuff like this.

awesome view, don't you think?

imagine sitting in front of this awesome balcony drinking hot chocolate accompanied with the sounds of rain pitter pattering against the glass door... mmm...

mosquito net. TAKE THAT you filthy bloodsuckers!

soothing greens for tired eyes.

balcony view taken from another angle. see those litte shops on the left side? that's where you can find the convenience store 24/7.

that is all. stay tuned for more at fuckyeah kimchi!


  1. green green n green.. n that is so good for a learning environment !! best2~~

  2. kan? bila stress je bole tatap balcony

  3. ni dkt ngn boys pnye building x? ke kne gune telescope?

  4. haha. tgk gambar yg ke 4 dari atas. nampak tak sliding door yang takde balcony, ada rumput tu? tu bilik lelaki :D rupanya tu bukan dorm perempuan shj, tgkat2 bwh utk lelaki

  5. besssttt! okay, confirm ko akan slalu lepak balcony kann hahah. (jgn lupe share)